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www.recoveringfrompsychiatry.com – a highly recommended website

I just came across the website http://recoveringfrompsychiatry.com/ , having watched Laura Delano’s Youtube video “Recovering from Psychiatry -Reflections on life, death and suicide”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=1&v=zY1nJzmohJg .

I highly recommend both the video and the website. The content of both represents where mental health understanding and responses need to go, if we are really serious about addressing the emotional and mental health crises that face so many so-called “developed” countries.

It is time for Western societies to work towards replacing psychiatry – which has little or no real scientific underpinning, despite what you might have heard, and contains a great deal of flawed science and logic – with an understanding of emotional and mental health that is accurate, compassionate, and unbiased. Medication should play a part, but not the over-riding dominant part it currently plays. Psychiatry’s biases  have made it extremely unlikely that  the solving of these crises will come from that direction, unless it undergoes radical surgery.

Psychiatry simply does not have neither the knowledge nor the objectivity to look naively at emotional and mental health, that is, to see it for what it actually is rather than what they interpret and proclaim it to be. There are too many vested interests involved.

The public need to wake up to these realities. Websites like this one will help awaken the sleeping giant that is public opinion from its slumber, and contribute significantly to a growing public demand for the much needed and long overdue change in the mental health paradigm.





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