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How to Address a Common Distress-Creating Pattern in Depression without Becoming Overwhelmed

If you struggle with depression, you likely know only too well how much hurt, wounding, shock and disappointment are very common features of depression.

Experiencing hurt, shock and upset are so commonly linked to depression that many depression sufferers experience these many times every week, even every day.

People struggling with depression for whom this is a regular and painful part of their everyday experience generally assume that there is little they can do to reduce the amount of hurt and pain they experience.

Such assumptions are very understandable, since depression is closely associated with feeling powerless and helpless.

They therefore understandably assume and believe that there is nothing they can do to reduce how much hurt, wounding, upset and disappointment they experience.

I am a physician (x 35 years); a psychotherapist (x 18 years); a best-selling mental health author (x 4 books, “Beyond Prozac” reached no. 3 in non-fiction best-sellers list in 2001); a mental health educator (since 2016).

For twenty years, I have provided a recovery-oriented mental health service. I specialise in working with people who have previously been given a psychiatric diagnosis, including depression.

For over twenty years, I have specialised in the human mind. It has been clear to me for over two decades that working to understand the human mind – the human psyche – is enormously important to recovering from depression.

It is this specialising in the human mind in relation to depression and other psychiatric diagnoses that has taken me to a point where I can help people struggling with depression to find understandings and effective strategies that they did not find elsewhere.

As I mentioned earlier, most people struggling with depression who experience a great deal of hurt, wounding, shock and disappointment often assume that there is nothing proactive that they can do to help their situation.

Many conclude that the only options they have to reduce the hurt they experience are options that involve avoidance – avoidance of people, conversation, the unknown, for example. This is often one of the main reasons for one of the most common features of depression – shutting down and cutting off from people.

My twenty-year focus on the human mind has enabled me to arrive at solutions to many aspects of depression that typically remain unresolved and often, not even noticed.

I have created an hour-long webinar in which set out one common reason why hurt, shock, upset and disappointment are such common features of depression. In this webinar, I also set out how to address this.

The topic of this webinar is the common assumption that other people have – or should have – the same values, principles, and ways of operating in the work as we do.

Here is a link to this hour-long free webinar:- Free depression webinar.

This pattern might sound innocuous, unimportant, but believe me, it has caused enormous and repeated pain and distress for dozens of people who have attended me over the years with depression.

Whenever I work with people suffering from depression, I always check to see if they engage in this pattern. In my experience, the vast majority do.

Helping people successfully address this pattern generally results in the person experiencing a great deal less pain and distress within their lives, and much more peace and empowerment.

What I cover in this free hour-long webinar:

➡️ I describe this issue in detail

➡️ I set how and why it arises

➡️ I explain why this pattern cannot work, cannot make people feel better, will always lead to  feeling much more upset, over and over again

➡️ I provide a workable and effective strategy for addressing this pattern, one that has worked very well for dozens of people who have attended me with depression over the years.


➡️ People who attend the webinar receive a free bonus – the slides I created for this webinar, free to download for their own use, so that they have the information, understandings and strategies available to them after the webinar

➡️ A replay of the webinar will be made available so that people can go over the content again if they wish.

➡️ I provide details of how people can greatly increase their understanding of depression and obtain a whole array of tools that can help them constructively address depression, feel much better and more empowered, and live a much happier and fulfilled life.

Again, here is the link to this webinar:- Free depression webinar.