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September 2016: Dr. Peter plays key role in Paxil (Seroxat) $11.9 million suicide malpractice suit.

Since they first became available in the late 1980s, so-called “SSRI antidepressants” are among the biggest blockbuster drugs in history.  For decades, they were promoted by the medical profession and the drug industry as very safe and very effective. Some members of the medical profession, myself included, have for many years believed otherwise.

For 50 years, American psychiatrist Peter Breggin has been working tirelessly to inform the public about the poor standards, misinformation and at times downright deception that has been visited upon the public by the medical-pharmaceutical alliance. Possessing a wealth of experience and knowledge, he has on many occasions been an expert witness in mental health legal cases, especially those involving psychiatric drugs.

In September 2016, Peter Breggin was an expert witness in a legal case regarding Paxil (goes by the name Seroxat in many countries) and suicide.

Read about the case and the outcome here

The time will come when the truth about these substances – and the gross lack of mental health understanding of those who have so enthusiastically promoted and prescribed them – becomes widely known. Please do what you can to make this happen sooner rather than later.

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Drug companies abandon psychiatry

Did you know that many major drug companies have either ceased their involvement in psychiatric research altogether or considerably reduced their involvement?

This is not a development that reflects well on psychiatry, which is why it has received so little publicity.

But it is a profoundly significant development, for a number of reasons. Not many years ago, psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry were cosy bedfellows, “partners”.

Not any more.

I wrote about this development, why it has happened, and its major significance, in my 2015 book Depression Delusion: The Myth of the Brain Chemical Imbalance, foreword by Robert Whitaker.

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Dr. Terry Lynch.

Physician; psychotherapist; best-selling mental health author; provider of recovery-oriented mental health service; member of Expert Group on Mental Health Policy (2003-6) that formulated A Vision for Change, Ireland’s official mental health policy document.