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New online depression course for 2019: ‘Addressing fear and dread in depression: A psychological approach’

Psychological factors in depression merit greater attention

Depression has become widely understood as a primarily biological medical condition. 

Yet, the majority of the nine depression criteria have strong emotional and psychological aspects. This is pretty obvious when one considers these nine criteria:

A diagnosis of depression is considered appropriate when five of these nine criteria are deemed to have been present for a period of two weeks.

One of the concerns I have had about the prevailing medical approach to the experiences and behaviours that come to be diagnosed as depression is the inadequate attention placed upon the emotional and psychological aspects of depression within this approach. Much of my work over the past twenty years has been directed at rebalancing this inequity.

New course for 2019 

With this in mind, early in 2019 I will be launching my new course, Addressing Fear and Dread in Depression: A Psychological Approach. 

Who this course is for

This course is for anyone diagnosed with depression for whom fear, dread and a recurring feeling of impending doom are repeated or constant experiences.

Two central themes

Two central themes will run through this course:

  1. Understanding fear and dread in depression. The usual explanation is merely that they are features of depression. This does not provide any in-depth explanation. My course will set out in detail how this fear, dread and impending sense of doom comes about and excalates over the years.
  2. Addressing fear and dread in depression. Medical interventions such as antidepressants may for some people diminish this pervasive sense of fear, dread and foreboding. However, many people who take medication report that they continue to feel repeated or constant fear and dread. 

In my course, I will be providing and setting out the methods and techniques that I employed to  help dozens of people diagnosed with depression to overcome fear and dread. 

If you would like to know when this course becomes available

This course will become available early in 2019.

If you would like me to update you when the course becomes available – and access a video introduction to the course – click here.

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Dr. Terry Lynch.