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New online depression course for 2020: “Understanding and Recovering from Depression”

I am pleased to say that I am launching a new online course on depression in 2020, entitled Understanding and Recovering from Depression.

While this course is primarily for people who struggle with depression, mental health professionals will likely find the material insightful and useful in their work with people struggling with depression, as will people who want to understand depression better, for example, so they can be better able to support loved ones who suffer with depression.

If depression is an issue for you in your life, you will likely find much within this course that can help you.

Currently (early January 2020) there are over five hours or audio-visual modules and presentations within this course. The slides that I created for these modules are also included.

I will be adding more material pretty much on a weekly basis going forward.

Would you like to check out some of the material on this course?

Here are two of the many presentations on the course that are in this course:

1. Overcoming Fear, Terror and Dread in depression (18-minute video)

2. Depression, Self-empowerment and the Tennis Court (39-minute video)

Here is the link to the course again:- Understanding and Recovering from Depression (online course)




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