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 Dr. Terry Lynch

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Dr. Terry Lynch, mental health educator, physician, psychotherapist, author, provider of recovery-focused mental health service

Dr. Terry Lynch - Testimonials

Dorothy Rowe, British-based psychologist, author: “Often grassroots ideas inspire people, who would otherwise have lived quietly, to do great things. One such person is Terry Lynch”. 

William Glasser, US psychiatrist, founder of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy: “If ever a man puts a human face on mental suffering and offers an optimistic message, Dr. Lynch is that man. If I ever get seriously unhappy, I'm going to camp on Terry's doorstep.” 

Ivor Browne, psychiatrist, formerly Professor of Psychiatry, University College Dublin, Ireland: “Would that there were more enlightened doctors and psychiatrists in the country”. 

Pat Bracken, psychiatrist & Clinical Director, West Cork Mental Health Services, Ireland: “A true scientist, he has contributed enormously to the mental health community in Ireland over the last number of years”.