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I have been creating mental health courses since September 2016.

My intention is to pass on the learnings that have accumulated through 35 years as a medical doctor, 16 years as a psychotherapist, a best-selling mental health author, sixteen years as an advocate for mental health reform.


Understanding and Recovering from Depression.

My new (2020) online course, in which I provide a comprehensive and insightful understanding of depression. I also set out a range of tools and actions people can take towards recovery. 

Click here for information and testimonials about this course.

Depression: Its True Nature.

An online course designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of what depression is.    Click here for course details.

Bipolar disorder: Cracking the code.

An online course, created to provide a deep understanding of what bipolar disorder is and practical ways of improving one’s emotional and mental being and one’s life. Click here for full course information. 



Depression: Its True Nature.

An online course on depression for mental health professionals. 17 continuing professional development (CPD) hours. Click here for course information.

Working Therapeutically with Clients with a Psychiatric Diagnosis.

An online course for mental professionals. 

 Click here to access course information, or contact me here. 

Bipolar disorder: Cracking the Code.

An online course on bipolar disorder for mental health professionals. Over 11 hours CPD material within the course.  Click here  for course information.


Future Courses:

In the near future I will also create courses on anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), eating disorders, suicide, and other important aspects of mental health that are generally misunderstood.

I will also be creating courses on emotional and mental well-being. 


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