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I have been creating mental health courses since September 2016. My intention is to pass on the learnings that have accumulated through 35 years as a medical doctor, 16 years as a psychotherapist, a best-selling mental health author, sixteen years as an advocate for mental health reform.



Working Therapeutically with Clients with a Psychiatric Diagnosis.

An online course for mental professionals. 

Click here to access course information, or contact me here. 

Depression: Its True Nature.

An online course on depression for mental health professionals. 17 continuing professional development (CPD) hours. Click here for course information.

Bipolar disorder: Cracking the Code.

An online course on bipolar disorder for mental health professionals. Over 11 hours CPD material within the course. Click here for course information.



Depression: Its True Nature.

An online course designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of what depression is. Click here for course details.

Bipolar disorder: Cracking the code.

An online course, created to provide a deep understanding of what bipolar disorder is and practical ways of improving one’s emotional and mental being and one’s life. Click here for full course information. 

Future Courses:

In the near future I will also create courses on anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), eating disorders, suicide, and other important aspects of mental health that are generally misunderstood.

I will also be creating courses on emotional and mental well-being. 

Training in Reality Therapy/Choice Theory

Throughout my professional career, I have had a friendly association with Dr. William Glasser, a world-renown psychiatrist. We had many similarities and supported each others’ work. He loved my book Beyond Prozac; I wrote the Foreword to one of his books. As early as the 1960s, Dr. Glasser was talking about non-pathologizing mental health symptoms.  He created a training institute to teach Reality Therapy and Choice Theory to psychologists, counselors, social workers and educators. If you are interested in learning these concepts and methods, you will find scheduled training here:      


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