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Dr. Terry Lynch speaking at the The Health Zone, Limerick, September 2016.

The Health Zone is a positive health initiative originating from University College, Cork, Ireland. In September 2016, The Health Zone held its first meeting in Limerick, at which I was an invited speaker.

“Towards emotional and psychological maturity” was the theme of the evening. I build my talk around that theme, and around a related and important issue, the need for a new era in mental health.

“A Conversation with Dr. Terry Lynch”. Athlone Literary Festival, 2013.

Mental health activist, author, physician and psychotherapist Dr. Terry Lynch in conversation with Darach White (member of mental health group Renew). A relaxed, wide-ranging conversation. Topics discussed included Terry’s journal to enthusiastic GP to critic of the medical approach to mental health; depression; bipolar disorder; schizophrenia; suicide; eating disorders, and recovery.