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Psychiatry’s precarious position – between a rock and a hard place

What exactly is psychiatry’s place in the world of mental health? 

Proponents of mainstream psychiatry – including the majority of psychiatrists and GPs – have for over 50 years persuaded both themselves and the majority of the general public that psychiatry’s place at the pinnacle of the mental health pyramid is entirely justified.

 But, is psychiatry’s “expert” position in mental health really justified?       

Actually, if the truth be told, psychiatry occupies a very precarious position, sitting somewhere between neurology and neurosurgery on one side, the medical specialities that treat known brain disorders, and the various so-called “talking therapies” on the other side. Maintaining this position into the future greatly depends upon the general public continuing to be misled regarding psychiatry’s actual position and place in mental health.

Between a rock and a hard place: psychiatry’s actual position in mental health

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Dr. Terry Lynch,

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Just launched! – my online course, “Depression, its true nature: A comprehensive course for mental health practitioners”.

I am delighted to announce the launch of my first major online mental health course, “Depression, its true nature: A comprehensive course for mental health practitioners”.

Here is a link to full information about the course, including a 9-minute information video – 

This course is directed primarily towards mental health practitioners of all disciplines, including psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, social care workers, peer support workers, and those involved in the education of mental health practitioners in all disciplines.

As I see it, mental health practitioners of all disciplines have a key role to play in the necessary changes, but they need to be properly informed and empowered. This is a fundamental intention of mine, in creating this course, and future courses regarding other psychiatric diagnoses such as bipolar, schizophrenia, etc.

There are 3 sections in this course  – 1. The prevailing view; 2. A critique of the prevailing view; and 3. Depression, its true nature.

This course can, I believe, contribute in no small way to restoring truth and accurate understanding, and with these, to the enhancement of hope and recovery.

Please share, thank you!

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Dr. Terry Lynch,

Physician, psychotherapist, mental health author.

Depression, its true nature: A comprehensive course for mental health practitioners:  (click link for information and summary video of course).